Emgality YES!!

Day 0 – The injection…

The self injected was really easy to use, even more so, I thought, than the Amovig injector however it hurt like a bitch.  Like yell out before you realize you are yelling out kinda hurt.  It was quick, thank goodness so by the time my yell traveled out of my lungs, the worst was over.  I had no issues at the injection site.  Within in minutes I couldn’t even see where I had done the injection.  I will note that a BIG ASS head rush hit me about 5 minutes after…kinda like the rush you get when you get up too fast except I didn’t get up.  I sat back in my chair and a few deep breaths later, rush was gone.  I had no issues the remainder of the day.  I took the injection about 4pm and ended up walking around Target later that evening with zero issues.

Day 1 on Emgality –

My back hurts so bad I can hardly sit – as it shoots pain down my legs or stand – I am bent over like a 90 year old great great grandmother of 102 – BUT, I don’t have a headache!  I am not sure if the back/body pain is related to the Emgality or to my cycle.

Day 2 on Emgality –

My back still hurts – like wake up and can barley move hurts – so yeah similar to yesterday.  A couple Aleve get me to my previously scheduled Chiro Appt where he tells me I am all jacked up.  My fight or flight is in overdrive and that is what has my lower back screaming.  Thirty minutes of contortion and I am back on track….along with an ice pack!  Tomorrow should be better.

MONTH 1 – The only headaches for the month were the pre-cycle ones…which are pretty much going to happen until I get pregnant again (NOT) or go through “the change”!!  No Torodol shots this month.  WOW!!


Glad I did a whole plan ahead with the pharmacy because Emgality is new to them too.  They had to feel their way through the paper work from Eli Lily for my “benefit year” and also just having the medication on hand.  Glad I started 2 weeks before I needed it to stay on schedule.  PLAN AHEAD PEEPS – this is new to everyone.

The injection  didn’t seem as bad this month.  Less painful, maybe because I knew what to expect.  No issues at injection site (upper thigh).

There were points during this  months emgality cycle that I would have BET MONEY (and even fancy shoes) on having a total drop out of society for multiple days kind of headache and it just didn’t happen.  Although I did end up with two Torodol shots only two days apart, I suspect based on the timing they were more “cycle” related than anything.


Again, PLAN AHEAD and have grace with your pharmacy.  They will get the hang of it just give them time and be kind.  So far so good.  I am in the middle of month three and month four is already in the fridge.  Although I am having the back pain again I reported in Month 1 – I am not convinced yet that it is related to the Emgality.  I will keep my eye on it, as even if it was…back ache is better than headache in my book.

On a side note – my insurance company denied my initial submission for coverage of this medication.  I have been using the program through the pharmaceutical company to get the medication free for a year.  Check out their website for more information.

I will start my appeal with the insurance company now that I know the medication is working for me so that when my year of free medication is done, I will hopefully be covered by insurance.

It is worth a shot!!

Sparkle on warriors…..


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