It is real, baby….

Sometimes I think that my headaches are all in my head…meaning my mind is making them up. I attribute this phenomena to the many Doctors I have seen over the years that have told me so (hmm – assholes).

But you know what, I KNOW BETTER NOW!

My headache is REAL. My headaches are REAL.

Yes, stress causes headaches for me but…

a) Stress cannot be totally eliminated from life and

b) many other things also cause headaches for me.

How much time and energy did I waste thinking and/or wondering if I was somehow “doing this” to myself.

How much have you wasted wondering this same thing?


Your pain is real and valid and I am sorry you are feeling it. You are not alone and you are not making this up. I hear you. I understand you.

Treat yourself with care and make sure those around you are doing the same, for you and for themselves. We don’t have to listen the people (including Doctors) in the cheap seats.

You are a warrior and I am too!

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