My best writing

I have realized in recent months that my best writing comes to me when I lay down to go to sleep.  As I lay there working to clear my mind of the day and welcome in slumber my mind actually starts writing.  Writing like an old typewriter, line after (insert cool sound effect here) slightly delayed line.

I think of great titles and then spill the wise words forth into my own mind never to be seen again because never have I gotten out of bed and actually written them down.  Can someone please create mechanism by which my thoughts could be captured for consumption by my computer on the following day…no wait, that could be really bad, really really bad.

Is it just me or do others have great idea’s only to loose them to the safe keeping of the sandman.  Just for giggles here are some topics that ramble through the Projector De Cherisse…

Yeah, tried that and I am coming up blank.

Let me get back to you after I try to go to sleep later…

Sparkle On..

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