Still Proffer Tough

That was me in the background of the boarding gate today. That was me pressed against the side of the plane in my window seat. That was me asking for the extra napkins to dry my tears.

Although my eyes were closed, the tears trailed down my cheeks. Not for any pain that I have but the pain in the Proffer Clan. I have realized in recent years the power and strength in family. My family, the Proffer Clan, are particularly tough but oh so full of feeling.

We are bold and strong but we are also deeply compassionate and often find ourselves in the role of empath, whether we like it or even recognize it. We celebrate the good and we shore up for the bad. We have welcomed many into the clan and have, on occasion had to kick a few to the curb. Neither of which are done with quick thought or ease of action.

Today, as I travel across the country to celebrate life, to be inspired by great women and to in turn inspire others, I find my heart aching and swelling all at the same time. Another one (actually two) of our Proffer Warriors need our everything and for that my heart hurts but it also swells in the absolute knowing of the love and strength of this family, the Proffer Clan!

We got you J and J! #ProfferTough

For more about Proffer Tough, read my post Angels Among Us!

Sparkle On…..others need it.


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