VIDEO – How To….Emgality Shot

I have seen so many folks on social media ask about Emgality and how the shot works that I thought I would video my recent dose. This is my 8th month on Emgality with great results.

If you are curious how the self injector works, check out my video.

As always, Sparkle On….


1 thought on “VIDEO – How To….Emgality Shot”

  1. Thank you so much, such a helpful video! I have been giving myself imitrex injections in my arm for years, so I imagine this is similar. I will be getting my loading and first dose
    Of emgality tomorrow. Really hoping for relief!
    Can I ask a couple questions?
    Do you have any physical reactions after the injection (aside from the injection pain)? With imitrex, I get a little jaw and chest tightening in the few minutes to follow, then it subsides and I’m fine. Anything similar with E?
    You mentioned that you have tried Aimovig and find that emgality works better- I’ve heard constipation can be an issue, but are there any other side effects you e experienced? How many fewer migraines have you gotten since starting and if you do get one are you still able to take your rescue meds? Sorry to inundate with questions, but thanks so much!

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