Yesterday, Again…

So I had an awesome day yesterday, nearly headache free.  I was hopeful when I woke up this morning I would have a repeat but as I get ready for bed tonight I have given in to the fact that yesterday was just that…yesterday.  Check out my prior blog post from May 2017 called Yesterday was…Yesterday.  That pretty much sums up that story.

On another note, I am heading out tomorrow to speak about living with Chronic Headaches.  One of the makers of the new CGRP medications has asked me to come and talk with their peeps about what it is like to live like this…or try anyway.  I hope I do justice to my story and the story of all the other headache warriors out there and that this event becomes a stepping stone to future discussions on the topic.  Cheers to sharing and educating  so we all have a bit more hope for tomorrow.

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