About Me

 This is me…Cherisse!

I am 45 and I am desperately seeking the reunion of my body & mind with my SOUL!  I currently live in Michigan with my husband and teenage daughter, whom I love without bound.  I work in Corporate America and live is suburbs.  I have build a life that I barely recognize as my own and every day I continue to live it, I realize I have to make the change so I can find me.

My world is not cut and dry so this blog is a way for me to express the crazy that goes on, or has gone on, in my world and in my head….mostly in my head.  My intention is that by writing my struggles, past and current, along with my dreams of now and the future, I will engage my inner sparkle and set myself free.  In doing so I really hope to impact others who have had or have similar struggles, successes and dreams for the future.

Full disclosure…I am not a professional writer by any stretch so excuse my grammar, I am doing my best.  I tend to swear, it makes me feel more expressive so try not to be offended.  I know I have something important to share with the world through my voice (written or verbal) I am just not sure what it is yet, thus…this story begins in hopes of finding it.

Welcome to my souls circus!


P.S. I am crazy in love with jewelry and making jewelry…it is like my A.D.D. “squirrel”, “jelly donut” or “shiny penny”.