Headache Hell

The history, stories and advice from this girl who has been suffering with headaches for nearly 20 years.

Believe it or not?

I wonder if others have sat with themselves and played the mental war with their headache about how bad it hurts or does it really hurt at all? When you live with Migraine Disease, I suspect this conversation takes place all too often and for multiple facets of the lives we lead. a) do I …

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VIDEO – How To….Emgality Shot

I have seen so many folks on social media ask about Emgality and how the shot works that I thought I would video my recent dose. This is my 8th month on Emgality with great results. If you are curious how the self injector works, check out my video. As always, Sparkle On…. C


We are WARRIORS and we can do this! Thank you to the American Migraine Foundation for letting me be apart of this wonderful, educational and critically important message. Sparkle on WARRIORS… C