In the Midst of Millions

Who are all these people in the middle of a Monday at the park?  Some stroll with children at their side, some with cigarettes in hand.  Some stop to take photos and others stride through as if on a mission. Who are they and how are there so many?

How is it possible that so many of us can be here together but know absolutely nothing of one another, possibly not even recognizing our shared space?

How is it that just an hour ago I was inside a time warp bubble with someone I have not known for 20 years but have known more than anyone around me now?

How do we traverse from a place of historic commonality to a swarm of indifferent strangers in a matter of city blocks, of silent minutes?

There are so many people in this world… how is it determined with whom you will connect?  Who will cross your path, make a mark and then move on?  Who will impact you forever from afar and who will stand with you in all the unseen moments of time?

I am in awe of the millions of people around me right now but I am feeling grateful for the people to whom I am connected.

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