Believe it or not?

I wonder if others have sat with themselves and played the mental war with their headache about how bad it hurts or does it really hurt at all? When you live with Migraine Disease, I suspect this conversation takes place all too often and for multiple facets of the lives we lead.

a) do I keep my plans or cancel/reschedule

b) will this headache level off or get worse

c) should I take my abortive mediation or not

d) does my head really hurt or am I just sick of being sick

e) do I call off work to try to make a go of it

f) is this real or am I insane/delusional

I belong to various Facebook groups about Migraine so I know I am not alone in this mental war but it really does feel that way when the troops are all on the front line and the battle is raging. At this point I don’t think it matters what the answers are…it is time to step back from the war even if for an hour.

What do you do to step back?