The world is a weird and scary place right now and as we are retreating into our homes and probably into ourselves more than normal, I am finding I am having more internal battles more than normal too.

Internal battles – I am sure you have them also. Here is a great example of what is happening over here in my mental circus…

I am getting so fat from stress eating all the candy


Have grace with yourself this is probably the most stressful time you have faced in life.

I am so jealous of all the moms that can be off work with their families during this time


Be grateful you have a job that lets you work from home and continue to be productive and get a paycheck while still helping the world in a very background but important way.

I should be getting SO MUCH DONE, the organizing, the cleaning, the meditating, the personal growth


You are still working FULL TIME and you have extra people in your work space. Why do you feel you should get extra stuff done with no additional time AND with additional anxiety and stress?

I think you can see where I am going when I say internal battles. Here is what I do to calm the rapid fire.

  1. I listen to this song and pretend I am Katy singing to myself.

2. I make a cup of coffee, tea or possibly a whiskey and take it to my comfy chair. I take a deep breathe in and out at least three times. Blowing out the negative with each exhale. I say at least three times because really, sometimes we need 10 or more as the stuff we are conquering is HARD.

3. Make a list, mental or written, of 5 things you are grateful for RIGHT NOW. What ever I am drinking is normally on my list because this girl LOVES some coffee (and potentially a touch of baileys if the time is right). These can be simple things like the warmth of the socks you are wearing to the bigger things like the convergence of a community to help those in need.

4. Now go back to the little internal battles and you will realize that they are a) little and b) not worth your energy and c) they are never anything you would say to your best friend so don’t say it to yourself.

ALWAYS take the path of extra grace, love yourself UNCONDITIONALLY and sparkle on


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  1. Thanks. Your writings always inspire me. Jessie sends his love. Stay safe and healthy.

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