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This is me…Cherisse!


I am in my mid 40’s and I am desperately seeking the reunion of my body & mind with my SOUL!  I have been living with and attempting to thrive through chronic headaches..migraines, clusters and a little fellow called micro adenoma (aka the benign brain tumor of tiny proportions).

I currently live in Michigan with my husband and teenage daughter, whom I love without bound.  I work in Corporate America and live in the suburbs.  I have built a life around the constraints of chronic head pain so much so that I barely recognize it as my own anymore.  I have realized that every day I continue to live this life, with its pain but without its purpose, is a loss for me and it stops now!

Living nearly 2 decades with chronic headaches is not cut and dry so this blog is a way for me to express the crazy that goes on, or has gone on, in my world and in my head….mostly with my head.  My intention is that by writing my struggles, past and current, along with my dreams of now and the future, I will engage my inner sparkle, set myself free and grow into the purpose I was put here to carry out.  In doing so I really hope to impact others who have had or have similar struggles, to let them know it is possible to live within the pain.  We are not alone.  You are not alone.

Full disclosure…

  • I am not a professional writer by any stretch so excuse my grammar, I am doing my best.
  • I tend to swear, it makes me feel more expressive so try not to be offended.
  • I probably wrote whatever you are reading with some level of headache, so have some grace.
  • I am not a medical professional thus anything I write is based on my experience and my knowledge.

Welcome to my souls circus!