Still Here

It has been rather quite over here on the Souls Circus blog but not quite in the reality of my world. Some pretty major things have been happening here and although I have been writing about them, I haven’t been able to post them because they are just plan raw AND it is not all about me…I know right, who knew!! HA

Out of respect to my family I had to lay low for a bit to let the dust settle on some really deep emotions and yeah, I work full time so….I am human and I don’t get to do everything I want all the time.

Here are a few things you can plan to hear about in the near future…
-Medication labels are kind of important.
-Giving up booze probably won’t make you thin, DAMN IT!
-Seeing the Angels in action….#ProfferTough
-A little thing I like to call “RUSH RESILIENCE” and how it can be used to make us better people.
-I have lost my validation….guess where I found it?
-When all the crazy shit in life lines up to create something really profound.
-The answer is not in my hammock although I wish it was!

Just writing the line up has me excited all over again. I like being excited, it beats the hell out of feeling used up and spent over something you don’t really even have passion about!

Grab a coffee, adult beverage or a tea and plop on the couch so we can catch up soon.

Sparkle on…

P.S. ¬†Here is a picture of Stella! Who doesn’t love a pretty pug?

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